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Social Media Management

Social Media Management - illusion mediaAdvertising and marketing agency
Format of writing and appearance of accounts:

Social media accounts have become one of the most important channels of identification for companies and institutions, which makes it one of the determinants of the first impression of customers, so the first step we take in the service of managing social media accounts is to coordinate the content and appearance of your pages through personal image, display image, short description, and numbers Communication and website linking, as well as standardizing the way posts are displayed to reflect the visual identity of your activity and appear professional.

Social Media Management - illusion mediaAdvertising and marketing agency
Content publishing and scheduling:

We know that the markets are full of competitors, and we know the need for content to continue to be published continuously on the company's accounts on social networking sites to always remain a factor of attraction and a reminder to your customers that you are there to serve them, which is what we do by publishing and scheduling content on various social networks within these the service.

Reply to messages and inquiries:

We believe in the effectiveness of communication and rapprochement with customers, and this is what prompted us to provide the service of responding to messages and inquiries by appointing a special manager for social media accounts to follow up on customer responses and messages and transfer them to the responsible employee or to the service or product page.

Preparation of monthly reports:

“You cannot master what you cannot measure.” Therefore, it is very important to know the statistics of the number and interaction of visitors to your pages on social media and to follow up on the change. For this reason, we offer a monthly reporting service to learn more about the segment of visitors interested in our client’s activity and thus target them with advertisements and marketing campaigns.

How we work in
Managing social media accounts
1- Discuss the project
Discussing the project and client requirements, studying the labor market and competition in the most prominent social media.
2- Setting goals
Develop a plan to achieve the goals of account management, and define the requirements to start work.
3- Account management
Managing and coordinating social media accounts, publishing content, and responding to messages and inquiries regularly.
4- Preparing reports
Submitting monthly reports showing the number of account visitors, interaction with publications, and other important statistics for marketing.
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Examples of our work in
Managing social media accounts